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Can I tow my kab’inn with my own vehicle?

Yes, we can build your kab’inn on an axle regulated for traffic (trailer). If you choose such option, you must register your tiny house (its trailer) have an insurance to protect you in the event of a road accident. An SUV type vehicle is to be considered for towing a tiny house. Note that the kab’inn life is oversized to circulate, it is transported in an exceptional convoy (authorized limits for circulation: total weight of 3500 kgs (house + trailer), width of 2.55m maximum).

Can you build a "fixed" kab’inn, without the trailer?

Yes, we can make your kab’inn on a platform which will be fixed to the ground using ground screw foundations. An additional cost for loading and unloading using a crane will be expected, as well as confirmation from your town hall that you have the right to put your tiny house on the chosen plot.

Do I have the right to put a tiny house where I want? Do I need a construction permit?

The legislation differs in each country and in each state. Best is to ask you town hall what is allowed where you plan to settle with your tiny house. We can help you check online if needed.

Do you also make custom models?

We can of course adapt our kab'inn models, in terms of layout, combination (two connected tinys), as well as in terms of structure to a certain extent (inclination of the roof, windows), but we keep our core know-how in all cases - in terms of materials, construction (including the single storey) on all of our projects.

How long does it take to build a kab’inn?

In the case of a predefined model, approximately 3 months are necessary to manufacture a turn-key kab’inn.

Where can you deliver?

We deliver without limits in Europe! We can also deliver to other regions of the world by sea and road transport. We have quotes to the USA, just ask us!

How is the delivery going?

When the house is ready, it is loaded using an SUV on a special platform and transported by truck to its destination. At destination you will also need an SUV to unload and install it at the chosen location. It is then rigged using the four supporting legs. It must then be connected to the water and electricity networks.

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