kab'inn creation

get alone to find inspiration.

In our imagination
(for the time being).

Kab’inn creation hasn't been conceived yet.
It is for the time being in our imagination, but it was important for us to share its project with you, so as you can imagine it too and why not take part in its conception.

Below we tell you everything about what we have in mind.

A space for creation.

We could have chosen to create an "office", a home-office space. Especially in the current context. But we want to go further. We ourselves as "creators" we are constantly looking for places that inspire us to take our notebook and some notes on what we want to create around kab'inn.

The kab'inn creation must be this place, this space for creation where every mind, whether it belongs to a student, an employee, an artist, can isolate itself, focus, be inspired, to create. We want this place also minimalist, natural, open to the outside, to find sources of inspiration while limiting sources of distraction.

In short, kab'inn creation could be:

Quelques précisions.


Structure et bardage en épicéa certifié KVH®


Deux chambres séparées, une grande cuisine, un vrai salon


Larges ouvertures sur chaque façade
double vitrage en aluminium


Protection antifongique, hydrofuge, ignifuge
Huiles naturelles


Zones de détente : bar, bancs intérieur et extérieur, brasero en option


Isolation thermique avec parois respirantes, radiateurs infrarouges


Salle de bain en fibrociment, grande douche et toilettes sèches


Machine à laver, four, rangements multiples, convertible...

Le mieux,
c'est d'en faire le tour.

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« Small rooms or dwellings discipline the mind, large ones weaken it. »
Leonardo da Vinci

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