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A minimalist dream.

At kab'inn we come from different backgrounds, from different countries and cultures, but we naturally met and gathered around the same aspiration for minimalism and around the same dream: seeing things big in mini homes, and sharing that dream with others. We believe that happiness is in experience, emotion, freedom, not in possession.
We want to make minimalist housing modern and accessible so that everyone has the chance to be richer, with less.

How kab'inn started?

Jonathan tells us how a need became a dream and then a reality.

The dreamers.

The team kab'inn, at our service!


Co-founder & CEO
An expatriate Breton (but Breton) who, during a break in the middle of nowhere, decided to stop a meaningless career to create kab’inn and share the minimalist values of a personal project!


Co-founder & Sales Director
A hyperactive mum who met kab’inn during a world tour and came back to France with the first kab'inn! The best as an ambassador!


Lead Architect & Designer
An architecture genius who had the great idea to specialise in small scale affordable architecture, to design the perfect home out of kab’inn dream!


Head of Prodution
An experienced and thorough builder whose magical hands transform kab’inn into your future home, together with a team of enthusiasts.

A passionate and
meticulous work.

We dream of a world where tiny and minimalist housing has found its place. But our goal is not to make as many houses as possible in a chain. Our tiny houses are unique and their manufacture requires the work of a human team, technical expertise, know-how and thoroughness to ensure their quality, durability and originality.

First of all, we are here for you.

What drives us? Exchange with other dreamers and being able to make other dreams come true.
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« People do not decide their future, they decide their habits and their habits decide their future. »
F. Matthias Alexander

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