live minimalist

modern, mobile, functional, eco-friendly tiny houses.

A tiny home,
to live big.

Kab’inn tiny houses are not only houses, they are the way to disconnect, to live better with less, to focus on what really matters: yourself, your family, your friends, the nature. Choosing kab’inn it's choosing a minimalist way of life, more human and more responsible.

To each need,
its kab'inn.

Our tiny houses have many things in common: they are minimalist, they are opened to the outside and they are caring about the surrounding nature.
But they adapt and can be combined to answer to your specific needs, your wishes, your aspirations.

kab'inn joy

To live alone, in a couple, or just to escape, disconnect, reconnect.


kab'inn life

To live simply, as a family, in a life space close to the nature.


kab'inn creation

To find calm and inspiration to work, study, create, meditate.


Minimalist, eco-friendly,

Kab’inn it's a space inspired by the Japanese minimalist Ma tradition. Built on a single-storey in natural and sustainable materials, it is optimised, luminous, comfortable, functional and eco-friendly.
Prior to its turnkey delivery, each house is customised to become a unique home that looks like you.

Want to explore?

Visit virtually our kab'inn joy. Or contact us for a stay in for real.
discover our kab'inn joy

multicultural, dreamt.

Our houses are first of all European, like us! They are the result of the work of a multicultural team, passionate about tiny houses, which dreams to make the "tiny living" modern and affordable to all.
We have selected European materials, to offer you the best quality, at the best price.

Shall we go further?

You have a project or you are simply curious to discover the "go-tiny" movement? We'd be glad to discuss it, to meet, and of course to realise together your minimalist dream.
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« Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. »
Leonardo da Vinci

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